Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another New Beginning

Thanks to Mr. Ornery, who knocked on my door , so to speak, I decided to join all of you here.   I will miss the old Blogstream.  Its small-community atmosphere allowed me to forge friendships that I could not have found in the larger blog hosts.  Laughter, tears, healing, growing—it was all there. 
Happily, the community seems alive and well, friends finding friends.  Some have new names and everybody has a new look.  I’m really excited to get caught up on the new digs. 
  I thought of calling this blog Ebb Tide 2.  However, the closing of Blogstream comes at a time of major changes in my life.    The kids are grown.  My parents are both gone now (my father died a month ago).  I retired yesterday. It’s time for a new chapter in the Book of Bu.
 And it’s spring.  New life.  I walked beside the river early this morning, warm sun on my arms, wind in my face.  As if for the first time, I felt free.  I picked a stalk of wild mustard from its vast yellow blanket that stretches to the bay.  I thought of the mustard seed that often lies dormant for sixty years before it becomes a burst of color gracing the roadside, or the rock pile or the vineyard. 
There’s a substantial part of me that has been dormant, taking a back burner to family and livelihood.  Now it’s my time to germinate.  Who knows.  I might even bloom.

Love always,