Friday, June 29, 2012

Sunrise Sail

One advantage to insomnia is being awake when the rest of the world is quiet. Sunday morning I went walking by the water before sunrise.  The day promised to be far too beautiful to squander.

 I hurried home and woke poor ELM from his only opportunity to “sleep in” for over a week.  Before he was awake enough to protest, I dragged him and Floppy Dog out for a sunrise sail.  I don’t think either of them  was disappointed.  I certainly was not. 

The sunrise was spectacular.  The sea was calm, so we ventured  close to shore and hung a crab trap on an old pile.


 A shrimp boat was working its nets with its entourage of sea gulls and pelicans making a  halo around the tall riggings.

 Mother porpoise, with baby riding on her fin, was teaching baby to fish the wake of the shrimp boat.  What a feeling that baby must have had, snuggled against Mom’s body, shooting through the warm waves in that glorious light. 

An excited kayacker 
spotted the porpoises also .
Body, mind and spirit have, at long last, come together for me in this place.  I’m no longer disjointed, dysphased, disgruntled or discombobulated. Although I may still suffer some mild distemper from time to time, I haven’t gone rabid for months now. Sometimes I do regret not having the resources to be able to travel to the more exotic places .

More often, though, I realize that I have already found everything I’ve been looking for.  

May your winds be steady and your seas be calm.